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Maison Violet at Indigo Perfumery

In 2016, three young guys, still students at the Ecole Supérieure du Parfum, decided to take over the reins of Maison Violet.

Passionate about perfume history and vintage fragrances, they restored Violet with their own contemporary vision of the 190 year old house.

In an effort to respect the heritage of the French perfume industry, Anthony Toulemonde, Victorien Sirot and Paul Richardot took on the task of restoring Violet’s nobility. They worked closely with perfumer, Nathalie Lorson, to create SketchPourpre D’AutomneUn Air D’Apogee and Tanagra.


Founded in 1827 by Mr. Violet, Violet (pronounced ~Veolay~) was a key member of the French industry of perfumery and cosmetics. Holder of several patents, including one for thridace soap, the company obtained various awards during its existence that accentuated its reputation. Violet eventually closed in the 1950s.

Based in Paris, Violet was especially famous for its 12 Boulevard des Capucines building. 

In 1842, Violet officially became the supplier of the Empress Eugenie and Queen Isabella II of Spain.

The bee, symbol of the Empress Eugenie, became the emblem of the brand, a guarantee of quality and authenticity. The same bee emblem now graces every Violet bottle today.







Violet began with the three Legacy perfumes:

Sketch, which reflects the beginnings of the House,

Pourpre D’Automne sings of its beauty,

Un Air D’Apogee proclaims its ambition.

Then came Tanagra, Nuée Bleue and Compliment. 


Abîme is their latest release.


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