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Take a deep breath and bask in the essences of the Himalaya. The collection features three distinct fragrances, each one highlighting a precious treasure originating from the Himalayan region - pink salt, cashmere and tea. These exquisite scents offer a reminder of the significance of these natural resources in our daily lives. 


A free and independent creator, Bertrand Duchaufour is a renowned French master perfumer. For Bertrand, a fragrance is a genuine artistic creation that must always arouse sensory emotions. Having visited the Himalayas many times over the past years, the great mountain range remains to be one of his biggest inspirations. 

Barnabé Fillion is a French perfume designer. He trained in the art of perfumery having discovered a passion for blending fragrances and mixing aromas. For over a decade, Barnabé has been researching and composing fragrances using traditional craft-oriented methods. His creation for hima jomo uses natural botanical ingredients and is inspired by his numerous travels to the Himalayas. 



Delphine Thierry, a Master Perfumer in natural perfumery, co-designed the collection with the founders, Vittoria Liu and Randry Glorieux, who share the same appreciation about aesthetics, nature and well-being. 

Delphine describes the journey: "I let my imagination wander on the splendours of the Himalayan nature, one of the last wild territories in the world where nature offers its most diversified and beautiful treasures. I also wanted to convey the benevolent and spiritual dimension of this cradle of peoples with age-old traditions. The common thread running through these 4 olfactory creations, and symbolizing the magnificence of its mountains, is the pine oil and pine resin."

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