Parfums Dusita at Indigo Perfumery

Dusita was launched in 2015 in Paris France with self-taught Perfumer and Founder Pissara Umavijani at the helm, blending her love of vintage perfumes with inspiration from the philosophical poetry of her father, Montri Umavijani.

Dusita is inspired by a Siamese paradise of pure delight & contentment. The first three perfume extraits evoke states of happiness: Issara, conjurs a feeling of freedom with fresh Pine, Coumarin and White Musk. Melodie De L’Amour, a symphony of White Flowers with thrilling Wild Honey, evokes the bliss of love. Oudh Infini with rich Agarwood and a sensual Siamese note of Benzoin and Sandalwood, channels the joy of exotic adventure & discovery.

In 2016, the celebrated olfaction & perfume expert, Luca Turin, hailed Dusita’s perfumer and founder Pissara Umavijani as “a beautiful new voice” in the perfume world. In 2017 two more highly rated perfumes were added to the Dusita portfolio (Le Sillage Blanc and La Douceur de Siam ).

Pissara’s work was rewarded with a prestigious Art & Olfaction Award at the 4th annual Institute of Art & Olfaction event held in Berlin. Her Dusita perfume creation Melodie De L’Amour, launched in 2016, was chosen, on a blind judging basis, as one of the two best Artisanal perfumes from a field of over a few hundred entries from around the world.

The first Dusita Boutique & Atelier de Parfum will open in the fashionable centre of Paris in March, 2018. The address is 11 Rue de la Sourdière, just twenty meters off Rue Saint-Honoré.

A highlight and key attraction in the store will be the Atelier de Parfum. Dusita’s perfumer Pissara plans to offer tri-monthly, open workshops in the creation of scents. `She says: “I’m self-taught in perfume creation, so no one who loves fine fragrances should feel in the least shy about attending my workshops. You may discover your own talent for creating great scents!


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