Les Indemodables

Les Indemodables at Indigo Perfumery


Les Indemodables is a collection of original, unconventional fragrances committed to fulfilling the desires of lovers of rare perfumes.

Once the fragrance formula has been created, L’atelier français des matières takes charge with their fully-integrated manufacturing laboratory where they control every step of production. From plant to bottled elixir, each bottle is finished with the sealing of the bottle-  unique in the intimate world of Haute Parfumerie. Finally, Les Indémodables provides the percentage of the most precious ingredients used in each formula.

Click here for more information on L’atelier Français des Matières and their inspiring works. Antoine Lie, master perfumer and a pioneer of the alternative perfumery movemement, has been in charge of the fragrance creation since 2018.


Founder Valérie Pulvérail has been evolving in the world of perfumery for the past 20 years. Understanding that, once they have some education and awareness, clients look for long-lasting, rare, and high-quality fragrances. She has met the needs and challenges her clients have proposed by taking a leap of faith and creating her own collection of perfumes.

Beginning with the essentials necessary to any well-thought-out olfactive wardrobe, Valérie conceived of seven fragrances built around the great olfactive families that gave birth to the grand classics. Playing with an overdose of ingredients, or with unexpected combinations, the Les Indemodables fragrances pay homage to the roots of perfumery without falling into the trap of imitation.

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